During this forum, ProcSim launched its first version of the simulation program with virtual reality. More than 50 participants tried the Oculus Rift mask and were able to be immersed in different industrial and hospital 3D models. The 4th industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is based on the general concept of “smart” industry. Conceived in Germany in 2010, this new approach consist to digitalize the company using new information and communication technologies, such as objects connected to virtual reality, but also 3D printed, the “uberization” of services, etc.

The goal of this 16th GS1 Forum Suisse de Logistique is to present this concept of Industry 4.0 and how to make it evolve towards an approach of the Supply Chain 4.0 integrating all the actors of the chain, or the value network of the product or the service.

The presentations were done by recognized specialists and deal with practical as well as conceptual subjects, showing concrete applications achieved or in the course of development. The GS1 Forum Suisse de Logistique offers each year a conference and quality presentations, as well as an exceptional opportunity to exchange and share.