For several years now, the health universe has been challenged to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is therefore essential to optimize as much as possible the key services of these establishments, such as the operating rooms. According to a study by the “Healthcare Financial Management Association” (HFMA)*, 60 to 70% of hospital admissions in the USA are due to surgical procedures. In addition, the cost of the operating room has been estimated at 40% of total hospital expenditures.

In this context, the optimization of the operating room scheduling, integrating human and material dimensions, offers a great potential for improvement.

ProcSim, thanks to the expertise and experience of its team, has addressed this complex multidimensional problem by developing an optimization tool whose intelligence is based on a metaheuristic algorithm.

The optimization of operating room scheduling does not only aim at increasing the operating room utilization time but also integrates an innovative dimension, the smoothing of the workload on the downstream flows (care units, recovery rooms, etc.).

The tool developed, which uses artificial intelligence, is very promising and paves the way for a new type of optimization within operating rooms.