Discover how ProcSim can help your company use digitalization as a growth and differentiation opportunity.


Our tools

Our team of expert engineers has at its disposal a range of tools to help you in your project.

3D Modelling and dynamic simulation

Increase your system understanding and knowledge thanks to digitalization.

Data analysis

Extract clear and useful information from your data.

Improvement & Optimization

Test different scenarios to improve the current system or find an optimal state for your system.

Predictive models

Use your data to predict outcomes.

Digital VSM

A dynamic and adaptive tool to clarify and challenge your workflow operations.


Put the human being back at the center of technical performance in a manufacturing environment.

Our approach

Objective definition

Together, we define key performance indicators which are in line with your objectives

Data analysis

We analyze your data, make them meaningful and extract the relevant information regarding the system involved

Flow prioritization

We identify key steps in your processes, we map them and we focus on the most important ones to reach your objectives

Process knowledge

We accumulate knowledge from your system to reveal its essence

Value creation

We focus our efforts on  eliminating non added value activities and increasing the added value activities


We use the tool that fits best your project, to achieve your objectives


We help you to make decisions based on KPIs, analysis and our expertise


Flows & Processes

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