Digital VSM

Digital VSM



Definition of product groups to be analyzed


Flow mapping using VSM


Dynamic bottleneck analysis


Identification and prioritization of improvements


Creation and dynamic testing of a VSD (Value Stream Design)

The VSM (Value Stream Mapping) tool used up to now makes it possible to take a snapshot at a time t of a system and to identify bottlenecks on the static plane. We offer two additional dimensions to this tool.

1. By creating a digital VSM, we can look at a system dynamically, understanding the effects of seasonality, breakdowns, and any other issues that are beyond the scope of a static analysis.

2. The use of operators is integrated into the model and allows us to understand their impact on the entire value chain.

Possible application

Improvement of an industrial system

The VSM allows you to map a complex system and helps you to identify bottlenecks and room for improvement. Our Digital VSM is going a step further by including the dynamic dimension, helping you to size and improve your system not only with inputs such as means or static values but including variability and seasonality of your production. Moreover, it can even take into account the availably of the human resources on the entire production site.

Digitization of the VSM tool

Dynamic analysis of flow mapping

Analysis of Operator Occupancy Rate in VSM

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