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When a system is too complex to be analyzed statically or a future system under design, it is necessary to rely on high-performance tools and methods as well as a team of experts in the field of flows and processes. Our expertise will lead you through improvement and sizing initiatives towards operational excellence.
On the one hand, we focus on quick wins by improving the performance and the operation of your system. On the other hand, we enhance to reach the last gains achievable using more advanced tools such as optimization algorithms.

Optimization of operating room scheduling in hospitals

ProcSim has developed an intelligent optimization tool integrating a metaheuristic algorithm (genetic algorithm), the implementation of which is entirely adapted to the optimization of the operating room scheduling.

This optimization plays with combinatorics to increase operating room utilization time. In addition, it also integrates, thanks to a hospital flow simulation module, the innovative dimension of smoothing the workload generated on downstream service flows (care units, recovery rooms, etc.).



Thorough understanding of current and future problems and needs


“Field” approach of a complex system


Use of Lean Management tools and methods:

DMAIC, Ishikawa, 6M, 8D, statistics, Eisenhower Matrices


Simulation of different scenarios

Design Of Experiment



Methodological approach for the analysis of a complex system


Maximization of the information collected on a system in a minimum of simulations


Quantification of the effect of input parameters on system performance



For multi-dimensional problems optimization, we use artificial intelligence optimization algorithms, more precisely in the field of metaheuristics (tabu search, genetic algorithm,…)


We propose a personalized approach adapted to your business, by customizing or developing algorithms which fit your constraints and specificities. In comparison to a software, a customized algorithm provides better solutions in term of quality of the obtained solutions, computing time and robustness.


We are closely working with university of Geneva in operations research to offer state of the art algorithms.

Better system performance

Adapted sizing of resources

Optimized activity planning

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