Urban development

A tendency to concentrate the population in cities.

Human inventions, cities are mirrors of change. Urban spaces are at the heart of the processes of globalization, technological transformation, economic and social recomposition of territories. The quality of their living environments, the organization of mobility and the arrangement of their forms, the environmental impact of their metabolisms, but also their governance, are high topics concern. We talk about smart urban development and the need for cities to improve and modernize their infrastructures and the services they provide. The mobility sector, too, faces various constraints in terms of availability and flexibility. In addition, growing concerns for the environment are pushing players to develop new solutions to reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining the quality of services.

ProcSim supports transport companies and public authorities in their procedures, the reorganization of their flows, and the concentration of their activities on a central site for example. With growing demand, rethinking your operating processes and simulating your logistics flows are key to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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